ASDA Extra Special Slow Cooked Pork Shanks in Wholegrain Mustard Sauce

20 Feb

ASDA extra special slow cooked pork shankI see it as my mission to bring you not only exciting tales from the culinary front line, but also sordid tales of corner-cutting and laziness.

You’ll remember that for me, Saturday night is ready-meal night. The most recent experiment was billed as a notch up on the traditional microwaveable curry. Following a rare outing by Mrs Gastronome down to ASDA in an effort to find a PE kit before the end of half term, the kitchen was blessed with their Extra Special Slow Cooked Pork Shanks in Wholegrain Mustard Sauce.

Excitingly for someone who watches with envy as Masterchef contestants seal just about everything they cook in plastic and dump it into a bath of hot water, this meal was pre-prepared sous vide. In fact you could even carry on the deception by co0king the pork shanks in a pan of boiling water, rather like an exceptionally posh boil-in-the-bag pig.

Foolishly I decided to go for the microwave option which involved cutting a couple of holes into the sealed bags containing the shanks and 6 minutes at full power. Alas, this seemed to result in the sauce exiting the bags under high pressure and what came out of the microwave was indeed a slow cooked pork shank in wholegrain mustard sauce, but unfortunately the shank was still inside a plastic bag which was now sitting in a bath of slightly watery looking liquid.

Removing it from the bag was now a life and death experience as it was super heated and dripping, but remove it I did and presented it with some seared asparagus.

I can’t deny it tasted great. The pork fell off the bone.The sauce would have been good, but most of it was in the microwave, on the kitchen table and conclusively not on the pork so I can’t tell for sure.

I would buy again, but this time going for the boil-in-the-bag cooking option. If you are looking for a quick, but slightly upmarket option for a weekend meal, this is one to look out for.


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