Cheat’s Quesadilla Calzone

31 Mar

Quesadilla CalzoneMy recent obsession with Mexican food knows no bounds and today’s recipe, invented pretty much in an instant for lunch, continues the theme.

It’s not authentically Mexican though, and to be honest, the end result shared as much with the folded pizza, calzone, than it does with a real quesadilla.

Quesadilla Calzone it is then!

This takes seconds to prepare, mere minutes to cook, and is disproportionately delicious. I promise you’ll be looking to make a second one as soon as you’ve finished the first.

Ingredients (for one quesadilla)

1 wholemeal tortilla (large)
A few slices of chorizo (picante if you have it)
A handful of grated cheddar
A few slices of ham
Olive oil


Lay out the tortilla on your worksurface and scatter the cheese, chorizo and ham over one half, leaving an inch around the outside.

Fold the tortilla over to make a half moon shape and press down.

Heat up a griddle pan to a high temperature and add a splash of olive oil. Get your extractor fan on – this can get smokey!

Press the quesadilla down onto the griddle pan. Leave for a minute or so, then flip and press again.

Keep checking the quesadilla until it is crispy on the outside and the filling is melted, gooey and delicious.


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