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Sweet and sour crispy chilli beef

26 Sep

Crispy chilli beefThis is a quick and easy meal which tastes a lot better than it looks in the photo above. It’s also a meal that requires you to be dressed in an oil-proof smock to prepare as it will spit like nothing you’ve ever seen before as it cooks.

We replaced the broccoli from the original BBC recipe with sugar snap peas which worked well. I also didn’t bother pre-mixing the soy sauce and the sugar which saved a bit of washing up, and it really didn’t need 5cm of oil. A fingers-depth was plenty to fry the beef.

It’s not quite the crispy chilli, sticky, beef you would expect from a Chinese restaurant, but it was light and quite moreish.

I haven’t yet worked out how to get the oil out of the shirt I was wearing as I fried the beef, but if you don’t yet have shares in Stain Devil, then now’s the time.

For the full recipe see BBC Good Food.